iptv restream sources

IPTV Restream Sources

In this article, I am going to talk about the IPTV restream sources of IPTV. You might be a reseller and trying to step up yourself and want to create your own IPTV server system. But you are unfamiliar with servers, panel and load balancers, etc. So I am going to solve the problem if you wish to go ahead as a provider in the future then this article will be so helpful in that case.

What is IPTV Restream?

IPTV Restream is an m3u link (single line) allowed multi connections from provider panel to your panel, website, or application. You have to buy connections from the local provider and he will give you access to his channels from his system. Then, you just need to put m3u into your panel and restream his channels into your server for your end-users and resellers.

How to Buy Connection

i4stream gained a higher rank in IPTV restream sources industry. Each connnection price is for 3 euros. We are providing 5000+ live channels with movies and series for IPTV provider. The channels are fully local transcoded by our source.

Countries List

We provide IPTV restream sources of local Africa, Arabic, Bein package, Bulgaria, Canada, Ex-Yu, France, Germany, Holland, Italian, India, Latinos, Malta, My HD & OSN, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Tamil, Thailand, Finland, Blegium, Switzerland, Albania Etc.

What is the investment Required for it?

It depend on the potential of the end-users and resellers. If you are doing this stuff as begineer then you should choose 50 connections. After that if you feel that 50 connections are not enough then you can exceed your limit from 50 to 100 and so on.

How to Buy Connections

If you want to be owner of a IPTV server then order your connections from i4stream and be your own boss!


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